Here you will find a description of every class we offer at The Studio. Please see the schedule page for class days and times.

The Studio Star Dance Company

The Star Dance Company is a recreational program open to dancers ages 3 and up. Classes are a combination of tap,  ballet, and *jazz styles with the focus being on building a strong, well-rounded dance foundation while having fun learning new skills. Technique, terminology, and routines are learned in each discipline.

Star classes are held once per week through the dance season, Sept-June. Each class will learn routines that are performed at a year-end recital held in June. Class participants are required to have pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Class attire should be dance in nature (leotards, tights, skirts, leggings, etc) with hair pulled back off the face. Costume/prop purchases are required for participation in the recital.

*Jazz is introduced at the Kindergarten/1st grade level, prior to that focus is on tap and ballet only.
Older dancers (ages 10 and up) interested in moving onto pointe or those already on pointe are encouraged to also enroll in the Pre-Pointe/Pointe class. Please see the description under the Additional Classes below.

Classes break down as follows:

  • 45 minutes, once per week $55 billed monthly *see class schedule for available days and times
  • Petite Stars (ages 3-4yrs)
  • Tiny Stars (combined 4-5 yr evening class)
  • All Stars (combine K-2nd grade)
  • 1 hour per week, once per week $65 billed monthly *see class schedule for available days and times
  • Mini Stars (age 5-7 or Kinder/1st grade)
  • Small Stars (age 7-9 or 2nd/3rd grade)
  • Super Stars (ages 9-11 or 4th/6th grade)
  • Nova Stars (ages 12+ or 7th grade and up) *This class is currently on HOLD

TSDC Competition Teams

The competition dance teams work toward performing on stage multiple times throughout the dance season. Dancers spend their class time advancing their technical skills while promoting teamwork, goal reaching, and self esteem. Competitive dance is a great choice for the dancer who loves to dance and is ready for more. The goal of the TSDC competition teams are to provide a fun and challenging way for kids to take their dancing to the next level. Our competition teams will be given opportunities to work hard with guest instructors, master new skills, build strong friendships and be provided a way to excel individually through solos, small groups\ numbers, as well as on a dance team.

Our competition teams compete routines in various disciplines that may include lyrical, character, hip hop, jazz, musical theater, prop and more. Teams will attend a dance convention/workshop in the fall and at least 2-3 competitions in the spring with the option of more for solos, duos, and small groups.

Fusion and Synergy team members attend classes two days a week while Eclipse team members attend class three days per week. Class attendance is required and a strong commitment is expected from each dancer throughout then entire season, Sept-June. Dancers may not be allowed to perform if classes are missed within 3 weeks of a performance. Auditions are not a requirement but 100% commitment is–dancers are expected to give 110% in every class, every week and to do their part to build a successful team experience.

Additional costs are incurred with competition team including multiple costumes and shoes, warm up/travel suits, entry fees, choreography fees for solos/duos (optional activity), convention and workshop fees, and travel costs to competitions. Competitions will be attended in but not limited to the Seattle, Portland/Vancouver area. The opportunity to travel to out of state for competiton is also a possibility.

Competition team members vary in age (Fusion ages 6-9, Synergy ages 10-12 and Eclipse 13+) and must be approved by instructors upon expressed interest.

  • Ages: 6 yrs + (younger only with instructor approval)
  • Classes: Fusion and Synergy Teams each meet twice per week, once for technique and conditioning and again for team choreography. Eclipse meets three times per week for turn technique, conditioning and stretching, and choreography.
  • Tuition: Fusion and Synergy Team $90 billed monthly                           Eclipse Team $110 billed monthly

The Studio Junior, Teen and Senior Dance Companies

TSDC Dance Companies are recreational classes open to dancers ages 7 and up. Classes will focus on strength, flexibility, technique, and performance skills while incorporating lyrical/contemporary styles of dance. Contemporary/Lyrical dance is the fusion of ballet and jazz technique. Expression from inner emotions is a primary factor in choreographing and interpreting this art form. This style of dance interprets music and words, showing the emotion of the contents of the music. Classes are meant to be a fun, safe place to continue growing and learning the art of commercial dance while preparing students to succeed outside of the studio.

Dancers meet once per week through the dance season Sept-June. Each class will learn two routines for participation in a year-end recital. Class attire should be dance in nature (tighter fitting, leggings and tops preferred, non-baggy exercise clothing) with hair pulled back off the face. Costume/prop purchases are required for participation in the recital. Classes break down as follows:

  • 1 hr per week, $65 billed monthly
  • TS Junior Company (ages 7-10 or 2nd-4th grade)
  • TS Teen Company (ages 10-13 or 5th-7th grade)
  • Senior Company (9ages 13+ or 7th grade and up) *This class is currrently combined with TEEN COMPANY

The Studio Hip Hop Company

TS Hip Hop Companies are open to dancers starting at age 5. Hip Hop is a loose jazz form sometimes referred to as funk and is often seen in music videos and in dance clubs. At The Studio, instructors work to teach upbeat, high-energy, and rhythmic combinations focusing on body isolations and smooth or sharp movements while allowing each dancer to express themselves as they “feel”. Music and choreography are always age appropriate and family friendly!

Dancers meet once per week through the dance season. Each class will learn multiple routines, varying in style, to participate in a the year-end recital. Dancers are required to have clean, non-marking, supportive tennis shoes or dance shoes for class—they should not be your everyday street shoes. Exercise clothing with hair pulled back off the face should be worn to class. Costume/prop purchases are required for participation in the recital. Classes break down as follows:

  • 45 min per week, $55 billed monthly
  • The Studio Kidz (age 5-7yrs or Kinder-1st grades)
  • 1 hr per week, $65 billed monthly
  • TS Tweenz (age 8-10 yrs or 2nd-4th grade)
  • TS Juniorz (age 10-12 yrs or 4th-6th grade)
  •  TS Beatz  (girls only teen program, age 12+)
  • TS Crew (co-ed int/adv group ages 10+)

TSDC Cheer Company

The Studio Cheer Company is open to cheerleaders age 5 and up. Our cheer program focuses on the fundamentals of cheer and dance in a fun, energetic and safe atmosphere. We strongly encourage being part of a team, making friends and giving your best to learn cheers, chants, dances, and team and partner stunts. Currently our cheer program is recreational only—no competitions. NO Tryouts and no cheer or dance experience required – Everyone is welcome!

Mini Squad meets for 45 minutes per week while Squad meets for 1 hr each week, alternating between tumbling, cheer and jump technique, and stunting. Class attire should consist of good, supportive tennis shoes, shorts or leggings and tighter fitting exercise tops-no baggy t shirts please. Hair needs to be pulled back off the face and no jewelry should be worn. Each squad will learn a competition style routine to perform at the year-end recital as well as perform with the tumbling classes. Uniform package purchase is required for recital participation.

  • Mini Cheer (primary school age or Kinder-4th grade) 45 minutes per week, $65 billed monthly
  • Squad (middle school age or 5-8th grade) 1 hr  per week, $75 billed monthly

TSDC Tumbling

Tumbling classes provide a safe place to learn the basics or work on advancing your skills as each student moves at his/her own pace. The instructor will guide the class towards increased flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration. This class will focus on fundamental tumbling technique, teaching such skills as forward and back rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, balance tricks, working into power moves such as front and back handsprings and aerial cartwheels all at each student’s individual level of experience. Our focus on each student’s individual level and skill set will help your child gain the basics of tumbling that are necessary for development and growth in dance, cheerleading, and overall fitness.

Classes are held once per week through the dance season and end with a performance in the year-end recital. A tumbling uniform purchase is required for participation in the recital. Class attire should exercise clothing in nature keeping in mind that a lot of time is spent upside down. Leotards or tank tops work perfectly as they are tight fitting and stay down. No shoes on the mats and hair should be pulled back and secured at the base of the neck.

  • Tumble Tots/Tumble and Play (age 2.5-4 yrs) 30 minutes per week, $45 billed monthly
  • Tumble I (ages 5-7, Beg tumblers only) 45 minutes per week, $55 billed monthly
  • Tumble II (age 7+ or beg/int level tumblers) 1 hr per week, $65 billed monthly
  • Power Tumble (age 10+, inter/adv level tumblers or by instructor invite) 1 hr per week, $65 billed monthly

TSDC Additional Classes:

Little Lights-Parent and Me Dance & Play (adult + 18 mon-3yr old)

Just like math, science, and reading, music and movement play a huge role in a child’s development. Not only are they given a chance to get out some energy, but they are also growing both physically and socially. Our Little Lights program is a 30 minute parent and tot class of music, movement, stories, games, and fun designed to help your little one achieve these things and more! Through guided activities and play you and your little mover will work together to learn teamwork and sharing skills, to express emotion, develop both small and large motor skills, improve balance and coordination, meet and make friends, as well as simply spend special time together.

Little Lights classes are taught in sessions, each session lasting 6 weeks. Classes meet once weekly for 30 minutes each class.  New sessions begin in Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar and April with registration opening for each new session 2 weeks prior to the start date. Session are billed individually at $75 each.

Current session starts Thursday, Sept 16 and ends Oct 21st

The next session will start on: Thursday, Nov 4th and end on Dec 16th

Shooting Stars Special Needs Program

Our Shooting Stars class is as rare and special as every shooting star. This class was created with our special need dancers in mind, those who love music and dancing yet just want to have fun.  We will focus on the elements of dance that your special needs dancer can excel at while introducing fun moves and music.  We hope to have this class bring out the magic in their eyes as we dance to music they know and enjoy, with other dancers of similar skill sets.

This class is designed for our special needs dancers; those stars who shine in ways outside the dance technique structure and love to dance all the same. Space will be limited for comfort and safety of our shooting star dancers. Our instructor will contact the parents/guardians prior to our first class, so that she can get to know your dancer and how to best help them have a great dance experience. Class time will be 30 minutes in length and parents are encouraged to participate if they feel comfortable.

We are so incredibly excited to have this opportunity to offer this dance class to our Shooting Stars!

  • 30 minutes, once per week  $55 billed monthly. Class day and time will be set after meeting with the instructor and discussing your dancers needs.

Pre-Pointe Ballet Technique

**This is a required class for dancers hoping to move on to pointe. **

Our pre pointe class is offered to students who are not yet on pointe, but are working toward it, to further develop and strengthen the muscles necessary to go en pointe. Dancers already en pointe or those wishing to improve overall skills will find this a perfect class to continue to develop strength and technique beyond what is provided in other classes. 

Much of class time will be spent bare foot at the barre and center floor building strength and technique, and then with shoes, moving across the floor, as well as in combinations.

*Leotards, leggings/tights, and a ballet skirt are required dress for this class.

*Pointe shoes are NOT required for this class.       

*Dancers should NOT attain pointe shoes until told to do so by the instructor.

*Dancers younger than 12 will NOT be given clearance to wear pointe shoes and should not do so. 

  • 1 hr, once per week $65 billed monthly if taken as a stand alone class, $45 if taken as an additional class to Super or Nova Stars, Jr, Teen, Sr Company, or any Competition team. 

Ballet en Pointe’

Our en pointe class is offered to students who have completed the pre-pointe class and have been instructed to advance in further developing and strengthening ballet technique. 

Class time will be spent in pointe shoes at the barre and center floor building strength and technique, and then  moving across the floor, as well as in combinations.

*Leotards, leggings/tights, and a ballet skirt are required dress for this class. *Pointe shoes, demi pointes or ballet shoes are required for this class. Information on shoe fittings can be given by instructors if needed.                                 

  • 1 hr, once per week $65 billed monthly if taken as a stand alone class, $45 if taken as an additional class to Super or Nova Stars, Jr, Teen, or Sr Company, or any Competition team.

Adult Classes  (ages 16 +)

Our adult classes are the perfect place to start, whether you’re ready for your first dance class ever or looking for a gentle re-entry to movement. You’ll be guided through the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and jazz/hip hop technique in a welcoming, lighthearted environment. We laugh and sweat our way through classical ballet barre, tap sequences, jazz walks, gentle stretching, and build on our progress with movement across and center floor. Join us for dynamic, come-as-you-are classes designed to combine a high-quality technical foundation with the freedom and joy of dance. Adult dance classes can be started at any time. Classes are available during the evenings to fit your schedule. Classes meet one hour, once per week . $45 billed monthly or drop in rate of $15 per class.

  • Thursday ADULT BALLET and BARRE 7:15-8:15pm