Wendy Gardiner

Owner, Instructor, and Choreographer

Dance is what I love. I love the freedom of movement and expression, the emotion it can create, and the joy of performing. But more than that, I love teaching. I started dancing at a very early age and over the years, those once a week lessons turned into three lessons, then five, then my classes, workshops, and conventions, on top of classes that I was asked to teach. I was a very happy young dancer—my parents often joked that they should move my bed to the studio, because that’s where I spent the most time.

I danced my way through school earning many titles, awards, and honors along the way. I served as captain and choreographer of my high school team, as a member of the Utah All State dance team, I won several state solo titles, and was a top ten ranked national soloist, all while still competing with and teaching at my local dance studio.

After high school, dancing took a different turn for me. I still loved performing and competing, but I was finding more and more joy in teaching. Not just teaching, but seeing these little people grow and change right before me, because of me, and I was officially hooked. I knew right there that I wanted to teach for the rest of my life. I have been blessed to be able to do just that.

I have had the privilege of teaching at several amazing studios in many different states as I have moved with my own family, I was an 8 yr member of the United Spirit Assn.– a national touring company that produces dance and cheer camps for jr and high school dance/cheer teams, I have taken classes and taught with choreographers that are common place on today’s dance TV shows, I have been on judging panels that tour the country, a national touring master class instructor. My choreography has been performed by studio dancers, high school and college teams across the country, I have taken dancers across the Atlantic to perform in Paris, France, and I have taught the sweetest little tumblers right out of my home. I have indeed had so many opportunities to learn and grow and share what I love. And now, I’m getting another one, my own studio!

As a dancer and teacher, I am so excited to be able to offer a dance and tumbling program that offers multiple styles and classes in one location to the families in the Battle Ground area. As a mother of 6 girls, I am thrilled to know that the classes they will be attending will be wholesome, age appropriate, and uplifting. My goal is to build strong, happy, and confident athletes, not just talented dancers and tumblers. I look forward to meeting and working with each of your families, and am so excited to welcome you to The Studio.