Policies and Forms

Please review all the studio policies and information. Completion of registration asks that you’ve read this page, please do read it, not just check the box!

Release of liability should to be returned with tuition on or before the first class.


  • Registration can be completed in studio or online at your own convenience. Register online by clicking the “Online Registration” link found in the menu bar. In Studio registration must be done during business hours only.
  • Enroll early- classes fill fast and size is limited. Once a class is full, that class is removed from the registration list and a waiting list is opened. Please note our dance year is from September through June and we anticipate that all registered dancers will finish the year, therefore, being on a wait list does not guarantee a place in a class.
  • New registrations are not accepted after Jan 15th of each dance year.

Tuition Fees & Payments

  • Tuition rates are for the full season (Sept-June, including studio holidays), not by the number of classes in the month. A full season of dance includes a minimum of 32 lessons taught over 10 months- we schedule on average 34 weeks of classes to account for potential weather days. Tuition rates are divided into 10 equal payments paid monthly, due by the 5th of each month. Tuition can also be paid in a one time payment option. This payment is made in September for the entire year and is given a 5% discount. 
  • After registering (paying for September and $15 registration fee), monthly tuition (October-June) must be paid by the 5th of each month. A $20 late fee is applied after the 10th of each month on any outstanding balance. On-line auto pay is encouraged and card information is required upon registration if using this format. An auto pay form will be emailed to you for completion. All students will receive a tuition invoice on the first day of each month, September through and including June, which can also be paid on-line. Tuition brought into class needs to be done prior to the 5th of each new month.

  • Costumes are billed in two parts, a deposit is due on Nov 15 and the balance due on Dec 15. Costume fees vary year to year but we do our best to keep them at a reasonable fee. Any costume balance left unpaid after Dec 15 will incur a 15% late fee.

  • Registration ($15 per dancer) and recital fees ($15 per dancer) are separate charges from tuition. Registration fees are due at enrollment and recital fees are due with May’s tuition. These fees are nonrefundable.                                                                                
  • All fees paid (costumes, registration, recital, late, and NSF) are non-refundable. Tuition rates are not adjustable or refundable based on student attendance or withdraw—if you miss a class, you still pay for the class as your place is still being held. Please work with the instructors to find a suitable make-up class or time. Refunds are only issued if a class is cancelled due to low enrollment as determined by TSDC.

NSF Payments

  • If a family’s debit/credit card expires or gets declined and a new card number is not given to TSDC within 7 days, a late fee of $25 will be charged. The same $25 NSF fee applies to any returned checks.


  • Second registered class/sibling receives a $5 off per month discount. This equates to a free month for that class/child!   *Discounts do not apply to summer classes/camps

Referral Credit

  • We love to reward you for helping our Studio family to grow. If someone you’ve referred to us enrolls in a class, you earn a $25 Studio credit that can be applied to your tuition. *Enrolling student must tell us you referred them. Discount applies after referred student has completed two months of classes.

Withdrawal From Classes

  • Withdraw from class can happen at any time by notifing The Studio of your intentions via email or in person. One-month notice from the first of the month is required to discontinue any autopay payments. Any tuition already paid is non-refundable as we are/were holding a place in class for that student, but no additonal tuition invoices will be sent after withdraw notification. To withdraw a parent must: 1) inform the studio via email or in person, and 2) complete and sign a withdrawal form provided by TSDC to stop autopay if used. All automatic bank debiting or credit card charges will stop after the one-month notice period.

Rescheduling & Substitution

  • If a regular teacher is ill or is otherwise unable to teach, TSDC will provide a substitute teacher, reschedule, or combine classes. Classes cancelled due to bad weather will be made up at TSDC’s discretion.


  • Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography. Please make every effort to attend each class. Students may make up missed classes by working with the instructor to find an appropriate alternative to the missed class.

Lost and Found

  • A lost and found trunk is located in the lobby area. Please check the lost and found trunk regularly as all lost and found items are donated on the 1st of each month.


  • TSDC utilizes Facebook (www.facebook.com/thestudiodancer), instagram @thestudiodanceco, the home page of our website, and our Studio Events board in the lobby to share current class, costume, performance, and practice information. Please check them regularly.
  • We utilize the BAND app for quick communication regarding weather and holiday closures. Information for sign up is available at The Studio or by clicking HERE.
  • Questions – we are happy to answer them. E-mail addresses need to be kept current with the studio, and your account should be checked at least once a week for announcements.

Photography & Video

  • The Studio Dance Company is granted parental permission, through the Policies agreement, to take photographs and videos of the students to use for all promotion and advertisement purposes. Permission is also granted for TSDC to copyright such photographs and videos in its name.
  • Class and individual pictures are taken by an outside photographer and offered for purchase to parents in the spring, usually the end of April, or early May. Picture purchase is completley optional and all fees and collections are under the direction of the photographer. TSDC is granted parental permission, through the Policies agreement and by the photographer, to use class photographs of the students for all promotion and advertisement purposes. 

Costume Orders / Exchanges

  • All classes have costumes unless noted on the schedule, or unless communicated differently to the class.
  • Recital costumes will be billed in two parts, a deposit  due on Nov 15 and the balance due on Dec 15. Online invoices will be sent to each student and should be paid at that time. Costuming information including total cost, style and size ordered, and approx delivery date will be sent home with dancers prior to final costume payment being due.
  • Costumes will not be ordered unless payment is received in full. Costumes are ordered over Christmas break to allow time for delivery, fittings, and exchanges if necessary.
  • If a costume does not fit, we are able to exchange it within one week of receiving it at no cost to you, if it is returned in its original packaging. After that week, there may be additional shipping/handling fees and/or limited availability.


  • Each June, we close out our season with a staged, year-end recital. We encourage, but do not require, participation. Please let us know asap if you will not be participating as it affects choreography and staging.             
  • Recital and dress rehearsal dates and will be announced in the January. Additional details such as times and location will be given out in the spring.

Upon registration, you will be asked if you have read this page. Registration informs us that you have read, understand and agree to abide by these policies.